Let your dog chew to their heart's content with this durable, natural wood dog toy. As well as acting like a natural toothbrush, it makes a healthy, safe and satisfying outlet for their chewing instincts - and better for your furniture and shoes too!


They're hand-harvested in limited numbers each year from tree roots in protected areas to make sure tree root systems aren't damaged. Only the tuber of the root is harvested, which sprouts again - making them a 100% sustainable.


Small chewroots are typically a good size for small to medium dogs. 

Medium chewroots are typically a good size for larger dogs. 


Note: Being a natural product, size and shape of chewroots will vary. 

Green & Wilds ChewRoot

PriceFrom £4.25

100% natural and untreated
Natural Toothbrush
No plastic
Recyclable packaging​​​​​​​