Unlike plastic biodegradable poo bags, FETCH.IT poop bags are 100% plant-based and certified compostable to the highest regulatory standards (EN 13432).


Made from GM-free cornstarch, they're certified for home composting* - with every bag degrading in a matter of weeks into non-toxic natural material with absolutely NO micro-plastics. All while being strong, thick and leak-free! 


Mini bags - perfect for smaller doggies who don't make a big mess, using 30% less material for less waste. 80 bags 7 x 10 inches each.


Large bags- suitable for all doggies big and small with the added convenience of handles. 120 bags 9 x 13 inches each.


Extra large bags - suitable for all doggies big and small without handles. 60 bags 9 x 13 inches each.



*It's best to check with your local authority that composting dog poop at home is permitted in your local area.

FETCHIT Compostable Poo Bags

PriceFrom £1.49

Home compostable
Made from GM-free cornstarch
No plastic
Vegan friendly
Designed in the UK
100% recyclable packaging