Give your dog a bone that's soft but tough at the same time!  


This hardy rope toy is great fun to chew and pawfect for keeping teeth clean and breath fresh. Plus, the more it frays the more if flosses. 


Made from 100% natural cotton, this festive chew is soft but long lasting. And for your peace of mind, it's coloured with natural dyes.  Suitable for puppies, with supervision.


Don't forget: Pets should always be supervised when playing with toys, and removed altogether if your dog tries to swallow pieces or chunks of them. After all, no toy is indestructible.


Suitable for puppies with supervision.


BTW - while these toys normally come with a plastic tag which is widely recyclable, we didn't want to chance it. Instead, the manufacturer kindly allowed us to replace every plastic tag with a 100% biodegradable one. Meanwhile, we'll keep recycling the tags in one central place that accepts them. 

Best in Show Bone Rope Toy

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100% natural cotton
Natural dyes
Ethically manufactured
Recyclable packaging
Biodegradable packaging