With these completely plant-based poop bags you can pick up after your dog knowing you're also doing your bit for the planet. They're thick and strong while also being safe for home composting or can be disposed of as usual - since they're made from 100% degradable cornstarch. 


Can dog poop be composted at home*?

Yes. These bags can be added to any well managed compost and used to feed non-edible plants. Beco recommends adding a little sawdust to create a compost with a well balanced PH.


Will they break down in landfill?

Yes. Unlike traditional non-renewable petroleum-based plastic bags, these bags are made of cornstarch and are 100% naturally degradable. So if they end up in landfill, they will break down without leaving any toxic residue behind.


Bags with handles (pack 96)

Measure: 18 x 32.5cm


Regular bags (pack 96)

Measure: 22 x 30cm


Larger bags (pack 60) 
Measure: 22.5 x 33cm


*It's best to check with your local authority that composting dog poop at home is permitted in your local area.


Beco Compostable Poop Bags (60 & 96 bags)

PriceFrom £3.00

Made from 
No plastic
Vegan friendly
Home compostable 
100% recyclable packaging