Can't fit your dog's details on tag? This lightweight brass ID tube is the perfect alternative.


Simply write everything  about your dog on the contact slip provided, roll it up into a scroll, and pop it inside the tube. So if your precious pup ever gets lost, they'll be found with all the information anyone needs to reunite you. 


It's also useful if you move house or they go on holiday since you can change the information as you need to. Handy! 


It's also the law to have dog ID according to the Control of Dogs Order 1992. You need to include: Your name, address, postcode and phone number (optional, but makes sense). With this ID tag, you can also add diet, health and behavioural conditions - along with anything else that might be useful if they get lost.  

Ancol Brass ID Tube


Plastic free
Long lasting
Packaging widely recyclable