How to make Earth Day every day with our dogs

I'm really passionate about caring for the environment and saving our planet from climate change and I try to do my bit to reduce my impact on Mother Earth whenever and wherever I can for all of the lives that share this planet with us. We are just caretakers of our world, and we aren't doing a very good job.

So how can we be more earth friendly dog owners to make Earth Day every day?

Here are my top tips:


We know that cars are terrible for the environment, and we also know that dogs love walks. So it's easy to put the two together - walk your dog to places instead of driving, that way you save the environment a little bit, and exercise your dog.


I had a bit of shock when I learnt that the poo bags that I was using weren't actually compostable or plant biodegradable. They were just degradable.

Degradable poo bags do break down, but into lots off tiny bits of micro-plastics, which are terrible for the environment because they end up in our ocean, in the air we breathe, in our water and even in our bodies.

So make sure your poo bags are compostable so they rot down into nothing, the same as the poo does.


There are a lot of dog toys out there. A lot! Rather than buying cheap toys that aren't going to last very long try and invest in higher quality longer lasting toys. You can even buy toys made from recycled materials, and from more eco-friendly materials from local business (such as The Dog Shoppe)


I thought Labradors shed a lot of hair, but having a German Shepherd is a whole other level! I try to brush Pippi daily and I come away with handfuls of her fur every time. This hair could be a valuable resource for nesting birds at this time if year so I put handfuls of it out into the garden for them to collect. Or if you're feeling adventurous, you could even try knitting your own clothes with your spare dog hair.

Let's make Earth Day every day

I remember learning about climate change in school 30 years ago and I am horrified that we are still having the same conversations and arguments that we were having then.

It seems that very little has changed in the right direction towards making sure that our planet is habitable and safe for us, our species, our future generations, and all of the other species who have just as much right to the planet as we do.

So let's take being responsible dog owners to a new level by being responsible for the planet too. It doesn't take much, just a little thought when making choices about what our dogs will love and our planet will thank us for too.

Nicola x

Nicola Davies

The Puppy Nanny

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